Shipping & Returns Policy

Shipping & Returns Policy

Shipping & Returns Policy

Orders are typically dispatched within one to seven working days since placing your order.  Delivery dates/ timescales specified on our website, in any order of acceptance, acknowledgement or elsewhere are only estimates.

  • Delivery to customers overseas shall be via email. Alternatively, a customer may request for the plan hard copies to be mailed via a reputable 3rd party delivery company (e.g. South African Postal Services, FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc).  In this instance, the client will bear the costs of these services.
  • Parcel delivery shall immediately pass onto the customer upon submission of the packages to the mailing/ shipping agent by PlanDeluxe.
  • The User is responsible for tracking their order via any said 3rd parties and making a request from PlanDeluxe for information to enable the tracking of their order.
  • Because of the utilization of third parties, PlanDeluxe disclaims any liability, implied or express or for damages, incidental, consequential, indirect or direct, resulting from the utilization of these agencies.
  • Should any liability be imposed, PlanDeluxe’s liability to buyers or third parties will not exceed initial costs of mailing/ shipping directly paid by PlanDeluxe and/or the user to said agents.
  • PlanDeluxe reserves the right of using any postal/ shipping agent of its choice to mail/ ship the plans to customers.
  • Users authorize PlanDeluxe to share the personal information of the user with 3rd parties used in fulfilling the order of the user or to satisfy PlanDeluxe’s obligations to the user.
  • Failure to take up delivery of goods or failure to provide us with correct delivery instructions upon the agreed date for collection/ delivery, reserves us the right of charging the user for all subsequent re-delivery or holding costs.
  • We recommend that Users make any individual who will accept the goods aware to check said goods for defects before they sign the delivery documentation. You accept responsibility for said signed documentation and will therefore possess no claim whatsoever for liability against PlanDeluxe.
  • If there is no individual available for accepting delivery of your goods at your provided address, you will have to accept any charges for subsequent deliveries of the plans.

Returns and Refunds

  • Home plans/ house plans/ architectural designs/ house floor plans/blueprints/ brick wall house plans/ 3D Renders/ building plans/ drawings/content and images may not under any circumstances be returned for refund and/ or credit.
  • In the event that the incorrect plan is delivered, the User will be responsible for notifying PlanDeluxe within seven days after receiving the building plans by the user. In such a case PlanDeluxe shall be permitted an unlimited timeframe of a minimum of fourteen days for the rectification of said order.


  • Every purchase made via this website and/or through any staff of PlanDeluxe is considered final and valid.

Payment will be made via methods indicated on our Site including Electronic Fund Transfer and/ or Direct Bank Cash Deposit, Credit Card, PayFast and PayPal but not by any other methods unless our prior consent is given.